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Triumph and Tragedy

Book Launch; ‘Triumph and Tragedy’ by Nicki von der Heyde. Discover a hidden chapter in South Africa’s fascinating history with best-selling author and historian, Nicki von der Heyde. von der Heyde is presenting a talk and a first look at her new book Triumph and Tragedy: Trappist Missions in South Africa, in the Art Gallery

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History and Culture Tours

Visitors to KZN often confine themselves to the beaches or the Drakensberg mountain resorts. But there is much more to the KwaZulu-Natal.  A knowledge tour will reveal culture and history that is fascinating and rewarding. Trappist Missions. There are jewels hidden in the beautiful rolling hills of south western KZN. These are the remote Trappist

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Battlefields Tour Eastern Cape

A battlefields tour  through the Eastern Cape reveals more than pretty landscapes; it’s rich in blood-soaked history too. In Dordrecht, visit the churchyard to see the monuments commemorating executed Cape Rebels. These so-called rebels were Boer citizens of the British Cape colony who chose to fight against the British during the South African War of 1899-1902.

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A Battlefield Tour with a Difference.

A love song with anodyne lyrics makes pleasant listening. But an accurate historical account of a battle, sung in tuneful rhyme to a rollicking, foot-tapping beat, is rare and marvelous. And this is what the prolific composer and renowned singer John Edmond does so well, on a battlefield tour. Battlefield Tour He and his wife

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Trappist Missions Tour through No-Mans’-Land.

Anyone interested in countryside, architecture, stained glass, history or culture will enjoy a visit to the Trappist Missions in south eastern KwaZulu-Natal.  Magnificent cathedrals, each one an architectural masterpiece, loom unexpectedly out of remote and beautiful landscapes, the legacy of Trappist monks who built up more than 20 mission stations in the late 19th century.

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Battlefields by Motorbike Underberg to Kimberley

A small woman on a big, dual-purpose motor cycle with an NUD (Underberg, KZN) registration plate invites conversation. I was on the way to explore battlefields by motorbike. Roadworks near Bloemfontein First in the long queue of motor vehicles, I was straddling my stationery motorbike at one of the many stop/go barricades on the road