History and Culture Tours

August 30, 2016 Nicki von der Heyde

Visitors to KZN often confine themselves to the beaches or the Drakensberg mountain resorts. But there is much more to the KwaZulu-Natal.  A knowledge tour will reveal culture and history that is fascinating and rewarding.

Trappist Missions.

There are jewels hidden in the beautiful rolling hills of south western KZN. These are the remote Trappist monastery churches, each one an architectural wonder, set in remote countryside made famous in Alan Paton’s book, ‘Cry the Beloved Country’. They are part of the amazing, tragic story of the Trappists’ endeavor to spread the gospel into rural communities.

Battlefields, Culture.

Not far away are the sites of ferocious battles fought between Zulus, Boers and British. And there are Hindu temples that give an insight to the rich Indian culture. This grew and flourished from small beginnings in the sugar plantations in the 1850’s.Perhaps India’s most famous representative in South Africa was Mahatma Ghandi. He was, by the way, also on the battlefield of Spioenkop.

A knowledge tour opens avenues of history and culture that will stimulate and enrich all those who participate.